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Jewelry Brand Takes Your Donations and Names Pieces After You

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

This week’s Brooklyn Business Owners Spotlight Series features Reigning Grey, a hand-crafted jewelry brand. Torey Lehman, the owner of Reigning Grey, told us about her company's challenges, successes and future initiatives. Our conversation with Lehman follows:

Torey Lehman, owner of Reigning Grey
Torey Lehman, owner of Reigning Grey

What is Reigning Grey?

Reigning Grey is unique, modern and sophisticated jewelry produced by hand in Brooklyn. We believe that the power of individualism reigns overall. We started two and a half years ago out of a concept of inclusivity. I wanted to create meaningful products that impact the wearer on an emotional level. 

How does Reigning Grey benefit the Brooklyn community?

We provide a product that is made locally and work directly with Brooklyn based companies for partnerships, employment and collaborations. Our goal is to create beautiful products that have a higher meaning. 

What line of work were you in before you started Reigning Grey?

Design and retail have been my lifelines. Still continue to be!

What's been the biggest challenge of the business?

I think if you ask me each day it might vary but overall I would say time. My brain never stops. I could be fully working while also dreaming of new pieces in my mind. Implementing strategy and logic helps produce higher results as a creative. I think it's important to put pen to paper each day to not just achieve your goals but to help alleviate those business struggles.

How have you grown the business?

This year has been excellent for us. It's a rarity I stop to rest and process but when I take a moment I am proud of our brand's growth. We are up 52% over last year going into Q4! We've had some great press success as well this year but it honestly comes down to hard work! We've grown the business through networking, partnerships, social media, campaign imagery and SEO strategy.

What do you look forward to most in the future for your business?

I am very excited about our Reigning Grey Rework program. It checks off a big brand goal of mine to continue to give back to our communities and environment. In an effort to make strides in providing sustainable products, we are thrilled to introduce Reigning Grey Rework. RGR is a program designed to recycle, renew and reign. Here’s how our program works: a pre-paid shipping label along with a 20% off coupon code will be sent via email for you to use to send in any unwanted, old or broken jewelry you wish to donate. These pieces will then be repaired and reworked into new designs named after YOU.

Follow the journey of your piece from concept to celebrity photoshoots and feel free to purchase any RG or RGR piece with your 20% off coupon code. You can sign up here. I see education and inclusivity being a big piece of our brand going into 2020. The sky is the limit!

Do you have any sales or deals you're promoting leading into the holiday season?

We are participating in Women-Led Wednesday and will be offering 20% off [Wednesday, November 27, 2019]

Any additional thoughts?

As a Brooklyn based business, I think it's important to stretch our legs a little. We talk about buying local and small but we continue to see convenience shopping. I think in our everyday conversations we continue talking not just WHY we should support small business but HOW. Reach further, push that accountability piece and we will start seeing an equal balance for our communities. 


Brooklyn Business Owners is proud to announce our weekly Spotlight Series. Do you own a business in Brooklyn or run an initiative that gives back to the local community? We'd love to hear from you and share your story. Please email us at brooklynbusinessowners@gmail.com or reach out on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn to chat with us! 

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