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You'll Love These Handmade Home Fragrances

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

This week’s Brooklyn Business Owners Spotlight Series features Love Notes Fragrances, a home fragrance, bath and body teas brand created by Nya Kam.

Nya Kam
Nya Kam, owner of Love Notes Fragrances

We’ve all heard it.

“Brick and mortar is dead.”

While that may ring true for some big-name retailers due to the inception of Amazon, eBay and others, Nya Kam is leveraging local retailers to sell her brand, Love Notes Fragrances. The home fragrances collection, based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, was created by Kam to cultivate a “better wellness environment specifically for the home.”

“It is my belief that a home should have a fragrance that exudes calm, happy, and love,” Kam writes to BBO. “I want Love Notes Fragrances to assist with that.”

Kam custom blends each fragrance and her candles are all vegan and eco-friendly.

“My business has grown through a combination of things – social media, events and word of mouth,” Kam says.

But stores like Awesome Brooklyn and IndigoStyle Vintage have been Love Notes’ greatest awareness-creator, Kam explains.

“Candles are something you have to smell as each consumer has a different taste level.”

Kam is looking to grow Love Notes to become a household brand, so she recently launched a bath and body tea line, Self-ish, aimed at helping people “embrace a natural and aromatic bathing and soaking experience.”

And as Black Friday approaches, Kam says, “I think it’s important to share… that I am doing holiday promotions on my Instagram.”


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