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Hip Hop Culture, Closet Style

This week’s Brooklyn Business Owners Spotlight Series features Hip Hop Closet, an online shop inspired by and focused on hip hop culture.

Hip Hop Closet co-owner, Kyiesha Kelly, an African American woman from Brooklyn
Hip Hop Closet co-owner, Kyiesha Kelly

In July 1998, a brother-and-sister team from Fort Greene, Brooklyn launched a website called Hip Hop Closet with the belief that the right fashion choices could elevate anyone’s personal brand. Today, they continue to focus on brands that speak to the culture of hip hop.

Hip Hop Closet was birthed out of the growing number of hip hop artists launching clothing lines that millions of customers could not access because it wasn't online. Kyiesha Kelly, a civil engineer by trade, and her brother, Malik, launched the website more than 20 years ago. Spurred by SEO tools, word of mouth and social media, Hip Hop Closet has since shipped merchandise to online customers in more than 30 countries. 

In 2018, they opened a showroom and event space called Suite 607. Its name is derived from the suite it occupies (607) in Building 77 of the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It’s a space for guests to experience the hip hop lifestyle and culture, while also shopping for the latest styles in clothing and accessories.


“It feels like the perfect name,” Kyiesha said. “It is also a universal name that can be used in other locations as the brand expands to different geographic markets.”

Suite 607 also hosts book signings, marketing workshops, classes on entrepreneurship, and even seasonal interns. Their goal is for customers and guests to leave feeling inspired and motivated to create. The cherry on top is that Kyiesha and Malik are able to meet their clients in person and get to know them as they shop the unique selection of merchandise.


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