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City Stress Begone With Inclusive Yoga Workshop

This week’s Brooklyn Business Owners Spotlight Series features Healthy Happy Yoga, offering personalized mindfulness to parents battling everyday stresses of the city.


Few cities have the reputation of having more pent up aggression and impatience than New York City. The hustle and bustle of “the “concrete jungle” can definitely make it hard for its residents to keep their stress levels down. Enter “Healthy Happy Yoga,” a personalized yoga experience specializing in building resilience to anxiety.

Since 2002, Kate L. has been teaching yoga and meditation throughout the community. Kate's classes are welcoming, creative and intuitive, while reflective of her core values of empathy, integrity, equity and respect. It was through her first student that helped build the foundation of Healthy Happy Yoga. The student was pregnant which pushed Kate to learn additional techniques on how to support a soon-to-be-parent. It was through these values and the years of teaching prenatal, parent-baby and older adult yoga classes, Kate was inspired to build Healthy Happy Yoga.

Kate's mantra, “if you breathe, you belong here.” With advanced education in meditation, mindfulness, anxiety, trauma, prenatal, postpartum and yoga for kids, Kate works to empower parents and encourages a collective sense of belonging. She facilitates transformative self-care workshops around Brooklyn while traveling to students’ homes to work with them. Working one on one and in small groups, Kate is able to provide more personal attention and support for her clients. This support is for either the parent or the child.

Yoga, mindfulness and conscious breathing provide support to families on a variety of levels, says Kate. “When parents are anxious, so are their kids,” she explains. “You would do anything for your kid. The one essential thing you aren't doing: taking care of yourself. Your emotional balance and sense of belonging are essential to the well-being of your whole family.” The training and direct experience she has a mother with her own “atypical” child, makes Kate especially qualified to use and teach the benefits that come with using these mindfulness and meditation tools.

Currently in the process of writing a book to help support anxious parents of “quirky kids,” Kate says she envisions a few years down the road that she will be expanding her teachings to online programs. She also maintains a podcast and newsletter that shares her offerings through the community and hopes to continue to build through those platforms to grow the business throughout the community.


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