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Brooklyn Business Owners Partnering with Insperity to Help Grow Your Business


Brooklyn Business Owners is proud to partner with Insperity HR solutions. This partnership aims to prepare and engage the Brooklyn Business Owners community with the tools to streamline small business operations, so owners can focus on customers, clients and growth!

Insperity operates under the understanding that “the health and wealth of a business and its surrounding community are woven together,” which is exactly why Brooklyn Business Owners has chosen to partner with Insperity and offer its services to our followers.

Insperity has been showing companies how to harness the power of HR to improve business successes since 1986. With more than 70 offices across the country, Insperity employs the expertise of Business Performance Advisors and HR specialists directly in your area. Insperity's teams are familiar with local businesses and the challenges that may be unique to a specific region.

Where do you want your business to be five, 10 or 20 years down the road? Insperity can help take you there, by helping you maximize your potential, increase employee productivity and minimize employer-related risks. Whether you need full-service human resources help, admin or payroll services, employee benefits, HR software, compliance assistance or anything in between, Insperity is Brooklyn Business Owner-backed, to help you with all of that!

Communities get stronger with a plethora of healthy businesses, and together, BBO and Insperity are looking to help Brooklyn prosper. Insperity's community-first approach is synonymous with BBO’s mission of building up local up-and-coming businesses.

For more information on this partnership, or to hear more about how Insperity can help you, please reach out to us at BrooklynBusinessOwners@gmail.com or contact our Insperity representative Julia Halpin at Julia.Halpin@insperity.com.

Please mention Brooklyn Business Owners if you speak with Julia.


About Insperity

Insperity seeks to help businesses succeed so communities prosper. Since 1986, Insperity has been showing companies how to harness the power of HR to improve business success. We’ve grown from two people sharing a one-room office to a $3.3 billion company with more than 70 offices across the U.S. Strive to help clients strengthen and streamline their businesses. Insperity’s proven approach helps better manage costs and minimize risk with a ready-to-use HR infrastructure that your business needs to be more efficient and profitable.

About Brooklyn Business Owners

Brooklyn Business Owners is here to help foster a community for Brooklyn's thriving businesses – where owners can connect, tell their stories and showcase their businesses through our weekly Spotlight Series. We love making new connections and partnering with other Brooklynites to help small businesses succeed. Remember, the future starts in Brooklyn.

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