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How This Brooklyn Baker Turned Her Side Gig Into A Full-Fledged Company

This week’s Brooklyn Business Owners Spotlight Series features Jasmine Williams, a self-made entrepreneur who worked her way up the baking ladder to launch her own bakery, Baked to Enjoy.


This Thursday, more than 172 million sweet-toothed Americans will celebrate Halloween, according to CNN.

While most people will be filling up on traditional candy fare, you’ll probably find Jasmine Williams in her Brooklyn-based kitchen baking up sweet treats for her customers.

“It all started about five years ago,” Williams tells BBO. “I made a basic box in a hello kitty Wilton cake pan for my daughter's birthday. From there I would make cupcakes or chocolate-covered treats for family and friends for free.”

Williams’ big favors for others turned into “small orders here and there” – leading her to buy recipe books and enhance her baking skills.

Rather than attending culinary school, which was “too expensive” for Williams, she landed a job at a Whole Foods bakery, where she “learned a lot from the amazing staff there.”

She went on to work at the world-renowned Magnolia Bakery, followed by Carlos Bakery, “all the while taking small orders on the weekends,” where Williams fine-tuned her baking abilities. “Custom cookies are my specialty,” Williams says.

Eventually, word spread about Williams’ tasty treats, leading to a steady weekend side gig called Baked to Enjoy.

“My inspiration comes from all over. I totally love the idea of being able to take basic ingredients like flour, butter, and sugar, and turn this into delectable mouth-watering treats all can enjoy.”

Williams was eventually laid off from Carlos Bakery in early 2017, which prompted her to turn Baked to Enjoy into a full-time operation.

“That very weekend I was fully booked. From then to now, I've had full weeks in production,” Williams proudly told us.

Williams is preparing her kitchen for the holiday season, noting that “a Baked to Enjoy cake or cookie for celebrations is just as important as the turkey on Thanksgiving.

“Everyone has a photo of them as a child with a birthday cake. Now there is a whole generation of kids with Baked to Enjoy cakes in their family photos.”


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