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A Brooklyn Snacking Company Hungry to Make a Change

This week’s Brooklyn Business Owners Spotlight Series features Brooklyn Granola, looking to change how residents snack with their healthy and organic granola recipe.


Sometimes life’s path takes you in unexpected directions. That is certainly the case for Brooklyn Granola creator, Margaret Barrow. A college professor, Barrow says it was not her intention to start a food company, but she couldn’t resist after her students insisted she sell her homemade snacks in stores.

A veteran granola bar eater, Margaret decided to stop complaining about her granola-snacking choices and create her own. As the only vegan in her family, she wanted to avoid the crumbling and messy bars that get dropped half-eaten, back into bags. Margaret instead found a unique way to turn her toasted granola into bite-sized balls that she would share with her students and faculty. They raved about the chewy nougat-like texture and the sweet and savory flavors, most in shock that vegan food could be that tasty. Instead of candy bars, students were now choosing Margaret’s healthy granola snacks and she finally began to see this as a true business possibility.

In February 2018, Margaret had two of her mentees join her and they started the company. She wanted to combine her passion for making healthy snacks and mentoring so one of the mission goals of the company is to support community college mentoring programs. Once Brooklyn Granola is profitable, Margaret has committed ten-percent of the profits to community mentoring programs.

Barely two years in and Margaret and her team have big plans for Brooklyn Granola. Right now, the granola balls are sold in stores around the borough but they see their recipe hitting the shelves in major food stores across the U.S. and even internationally. Specifically, they say Asia is where they have their sites set as that is where the healthy snacking market is ripe for their product.

For Margaret, this has always been about inspiring her students and support mentoring relationships. Her dream is to create a successful company that can support taking care of five community college students while they complete their degree. A staunch believer that by inspiring and promoting healthy eating and living, her company has the chance to do a lot of good in the world.


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